About Sanfratello’s

Sanfratellos in GlenwoodIn 1969 Joseph Sanfratello Sr. opened the original Sanfratello’s Pizzeria on Main Street Glenwood on Chicago’s south side. He converted a modest single family home into a warm and welcoming place that treated everyone like family and served pizza made with love. The Sanfratello family has been living up to their father’s founding values for over four decades – across the Midwest and beyond.

The Sanfratello family is Sicilian, which means that they are somewhat obsessive about good food. They never skimp on quality – their sauces are made with vine-ripened tomatoes that have a powerful full-bodied taste unlike any other. And they represent the last of the Southside-style pizzerias that use 100% Scamorza cheese in their signature pizza. It’s a bit more expensive, but it pays off – it has a robust flavor, and it holds up to high heat so that the crust can be baked to crispy yet chewy perfection without burning the cheese.

The toppings are fresh, and the meat’s from Chicago. What more could you ask for? And yes, Sanfratello’s serves Chicago’s other style of pizza – a deep dish variety that is made with the same commitment to quality. In fact, every delicious item on our menu is made from scratch!